Lycon’s unique wax system from Australia gives you the best results, virtually pain free.   Lycon is the only ISO certified wax, providing a nurturing and skin conditioning treatment.  

Formulated with the finest natural resin, beeswax and sensuous aromatherapy oils to deliver fantastic results.  Lycon pre wax oil is enriched with Apricot Kernal oil, Jasmine and Camomile and prevents wax sticking to skin, ensuring it only grips the hair making for a quick, clean and totally efficient wax treatment even o the most sensitive skin. 

With its unique two wax system it is no problem to get hairs as 1mm length leaving you totally smooth.  Lycon also provides you with options for pre and post waxing to enhance your waxing experience.

*We insist on a patch test 48 hrs prior to treatment

* Avoid waxing if: you are using retina A or roaccutane at time of treatment or in the last 6 months. If you are hypersensitive to heat, are deficient in iron or have an extremely low immune system, you have been exposed to sun or sun-beds in the last 24 hours, you are diabetic.

Smooth with Lycon

€18  Eyebrow 

€14  Lip/Chin

€40 Three Facial Areas 

€17   Underarm

€28  Arm

€28  Half Leg

€45  Full Leg 

Bikini Smooth

€22     Bikini Standard

€35     Extended/Californian 

€45     G-String (SUPER TIDY)

€56     Brazilian  (STRIP TOP)

€59     Hollywood (SMOOTH)

*€45 for Brazilian / Hollywood Maintenance every 5 weeks

* Save €7 when adding any leg wax to bikini wax

Because you're worth it!